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Are my children and pets safe to stay during the treatment?

Great question! And it really depends on the treatment that we are performing.
Sometimes we don’t need to use many chemicals at all. But when we do, we use only the safest products available on the market, that has maximum impact on the pests targeted, but minimal impact on the environment.

But just to be on the safe side, we suggest that pregnant women, young children and anyone who is particularly sensitive to go out for a couple of hours during and after the treatment.

What about my fishponds or my vegetable garden?

If you have fish ponds we strongly recommend they are covered with a tarp whilst we carry out any chemical application to avoid any accidental spray drift which may be toxic to aquatics.
We will also ask you if you have any fish ponds prior to starting any chemical application, and we will make sure the ponds are covered with a tarp. We also take extra care to avoid spraying near any sensitive environments, like near vegetable gardens.

What kind of warranty do I get?

At the completion of each service you will be given a “Pest Control Service Report” which outlines any free service periods and recommended treatment frequency. Every home is different and as such they have different levels of pest pressures on the home.

What happens if the pests come back?

Just give us a call to discuss any pest issues that may have re-surfaced during the free service period.
It is quite normal to see a few pests every now and then, as they may come in from outside or in boxes etc, but if they become a problem give us a call and we will schedule a technician to come back out, free of charge.

What if showers are forecast on the day of my appointment?

The odd light shower shouldn’t have any effect on our treatments.
Our treatments are very specific to the pests being targeted, and as such are applied directly to where they live and breed.

What if it is raining on the day of my appointment?

If the services being performed are only for the internal areas, the scheduled service will go ahead as planned.

If the service includes the external areas and it is raining on the day of the treatment you have a couple of options.
1 – You can reschedule the job to another day; or
2 – We can conduct the treatment to all other areas and just re-schedule the exterior treatment for another day.