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Termite Barriers

What kind of Termite Barrier does my home have?

Termite barriers come in many different shapes and sizes.
Depending on the construction style of your home, you may have one type of barrier, or you may have several different types of termite barriers in order to offer full protection from termites.

Physical Termite Barriers

Physical termite barriers can include Ant Capping, 75mm Exposed Slab Edge, Termimesh, Granitgard etc which prevent the concealed entry of termites and force them out into the open where they can be detected through regular routine termite inspections and then treated accordingly.

Combined Physical and Chemical Barriers 

These type of termite barriers (Kordon, Homeguard, TERM-seal etc) have a chemical added to the product during production. The chemical that is added is usually Bifenthrin or Deltamethrin and has a certain life expectancy.

Chemical Reticulation Systems

This style of termite barrier (Termx Replenishment System, Camilleri Under Slab Injection System, Termguard etc) allows the system to be “re-charged” when the chemical product that was used is close to the end of it’s expected protection period.

We choose to install the Termx Replenishment System around the perimeter of buildings under concrete paths and patios to offer the option to “re-charge” when the chemical has expired. This prevents drilling through concrete paths or tiled patios when the barrier needs to be renewed.

Chemical Treated Zones

Chemical treated zones (also known as chemical barriers) can also be installed by drilling & injecting and trenching & flooding around the foundation walls or slab edge of the buildings. This treatment method is most often used where an existing building doesn’t have any form of physical barriers installed or any reticulation systems that can be “re-charged”.
Some of the chemicals that are more commonly used are Biflex, Termidor or Altriset. Different chemicals have different ways of killing termites and protecting your home and some are safer than others.

The preferred chemical treated zone that we apply is with Termidor.

Termite Baiting & Monitoring Systems

Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems (Sentricon, Exterra, Xterm, Nemesis etc) can be used to control attacking termite colonies and also offer early detection and treatment of new termite activity.
We believe that the Sentricon AlwaysActive System is hands down the best termite baiting and monitoring system on the market and is the preferred choice for TRU Pest Management.

With all of these different styles of termite barriers, how do I know if my home is protected?

This is where it pays to call in an expert.
Without physically inspecting your house it’s nearly impossible to discuss all of these different styles of termite barriers over the phone to identify if your home is protected from termite attack.

The QBCC have put together an informative brochure which outlines some different types of Termite Barriers and contains some very helpful information. You can view and download a copy directly here. –> Termite Management Systems – Advisory Notes for Homeowners and Builders Booklet