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Commercial Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management Programs

Our IPM programs can be carried out on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly service depending on your industry standards and personal requirements. Programs consist of the following:

Inspection of premises to detect infestations and high risk areas;
Careful product selection and application of approved gel baits, gases & residual sprays ensuring that only target species are affected, protecting people and the environment;
Placement and rotation of rodent bait formulations in tamper resistant stations; and
Recommendations made to ensure that your premises remain a pest free environment through housekeeping and a high level of hygiene standards.

Service Scheduling

Services will be scheduled to avoid peak time of operations. Our service technique and product selection is designed to minimise disruption of trade allowing you to carry on with business as usual. This in turn reduces any financial losses to your business.

Reporting Methods

All of our programs are provided with an A4 pest management folder which will satisfy regulatory authorities. The client and technician use this medium to record any pest activity and to analyse and rectify any reoccurring trends and building maintenance required. The folders consist of the following documentation:

• Technician service reports
• Material safety data sheets
• Pest incident register
• Licenses and registrations
• Bait station number system and plan.

Understanding the sensitive needs of pest control applications in a commercial environment, we can tailor make a cost effective, pest management program that will exceed your expectations and industry regulations. Pest infestations can not only cause health problems to your employees and clients but also can cause huge economic loss through damaged or soiled stock and equipment.

Following is a list of some of the industries we currently service:

• Restaurants/Cafes/Bakeries
• Bars/Hotels/Function Centres
• Warehousing/Storage Facilities
• Food Manufacturers/Processing Plants
• Retirement Villages/Nursing Homes
• Schools/Childcare Centres
• Sporting Complexes
• Markets/Food Outlets

Following is a list of pest control services we provide:

• Cockroaches
• Rats/Mice
• Stored Product Pest
• Flying Insects
• Termites
• Birds
• Ants
• Spiders
• Bees/Wasps