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Mosquito Control Programs

Mosquitoes are nasty little blood suckers that not only spread disease but are also a royal pain in the neck!
They are the uninvited guests that ruin your outdoor experience!

In Australia, we love to use our outdoor spaces as an extension of the home. Our own little patch of Australia where we can relax and unwind, play and laugh and have friends and family over for a BBQ. We often spend thousands on our outdoor living areas. But what’s the point of having those areas if you can’t enjoy them year round?

Our Mosquito Barrier program is applied every 3 weeks to the external areas of your home and gardens where Mosquitoes rest. For optimum results, we highly recommend a season-long control program. This treatment will not only kill the adult mosquitoes on contact but will also offer residual control for up to 21 days (depending on the impact of rain) and offers up to a 95% reduction in Mosquitoes.

To ensure continued control and optimum results, we set up an automatic booking schedule for a service every 3 weeks. You will receive an SMS reminder the day before your scheduled treatment and we will email you a service report when the service has been completed. We can even schedule the application while you’re at work and the kids are at school.

We also offer a one-time service if that’s all you need, but in our experience, this service is more suitable for special events as a one-off treatment.